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  • Rural Japanese prefectures create crazy incentives to convince people who moved to Tokyo to share back some of their taxes, like sending local plums, or grave cleaning services. Brilliant. →
  • How diversifying your life is fundamental to create a strong and resilient self. →
  • "All speeches by the entertainer candidate must be short and snappy. The great issues of the day be dealt within 60 seconds flat". Sounds familiar? Maybe it's time to read again Brave New World, published in 1932. →
  • Chiune Sugihara saved 6,000 Jews with his handwriting. Day and night he wrote visas. He issued as many in a day as would normally be issued in a month. →
  • "A Sudden Illness". The personal history of New York Times Bestseller Laura Hillenbrand. →

New interviews and podcasts on The Hoomanist

  1. Scott Robbin, Lead Developer and Director for Cards Against Humanity, co-founder of Vapid: "Everybody is just trying their best. Everything is just kind of rolling and picking up skill sets that somehow work their way into what you need to be prepared for the next part of your journey." → Play the full episode:
  2. Cody Gough, radio host and producer at WGN: "I want to tell people something, I want to help people communicate. What I see in America is this anti-intellectual move away from thinking. That's something that I could, perhaps, find a way to make a show about, by taking people smarter than me. That's the key." → Play the full episode: