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Luca Badetti Embrace Your Inabilities
Ali Barthwell Understand and Surprise Your Audience
Dakota Conduct Stop Complaining and Find Solutions
Adrian Danzig Discover Infinite Beauty and Talent
David Dewane Make Yourself Uncomfortable
Nate DuFort Be a One-Person Show
Jen Ellison Challenge Your Authentic Self
Danielle Feinberg Make the Best Movies Through Diversity (from Pixar)
Linnea Gandhi Take Back Your Attention
Cody Gough Cultivate Your Curiosity
Charna Halpern Improvise a Comedy Empire
Dave Hoover Learn Through Apprenticeship
Tim Kazurinsky Don't Give Up Your Soul
Mark Larson Focus on Your Process
Kelly Leonard Use "Yes And" in Everyday Life
Anne Libera Empower Through Comedy
Jonathan Mayo Come Out as Your Own Person
Melissa McEwen Find a Career That Makes You Happier
Mineko Okamura Space Channel 5 VR, from SEGA to Grounding
Dominic Pacyga Fall in Love with Your City
David Pasquesi The Art of Paying Attention
Cathy Pearl Create Humane Technology
Ashley Ray Set Higher Expectations for Yourself
Byron Reese The Fourth Age
Jason Rohrer Understand Your Place in the Bigger Picture
Scott Robbin Get Creative Through Restraints
Neal Sàles-Griffin Run for Mayor
Jake Shapiro Inside RadioPublic's Strategy
Thomas Thorson Cliff-Dwelling
Jack Vidra Do Something That Scares You
Lisa Wagner-Carollo Find the Still Point Within Yourself

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