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  • A 15 minutes long game explaining how ideas spread in society. It opened my eyes on social media behavior, and why it’s important to have many different communities sharing different ideas while talking to each other. It’s brilliant. →

  • Big data analyst by day, drag queen by night: Dakota Conduct is a geek drag queen with an algorithm to apply her make-up. →

  • I just watched for the first time Jim Carrey's 'Juiceman' parody from In Living Color, and it made me laugh quite hard. →

  • By the way, to share the previous link I used Hooktube, a light-weight YouTube. Did you know it? →

  • Crucial article by a psychologist explaining how behavioral psychology itself has been weaponized by tech companies for profits (especially against teens). Neuroscience + UX design give you the illusion to be making voluntary choices, but you're like a junkie craving addictive drugs. →

  • Science consists not in the accumulation of knowledge but in the creation of fresh modes of perception: “The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained” - D. Bohm →

  • The author of the novel Connect, Julian Gough, on how we're being algorithmically sorted & controlled. →

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