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  • How to kick ass at a new skill you’re not wildly passionate about. →

  • How would your social media experience change if you were able to hide likes, retweets, and followers? Try Twitter (and Facebook) Demetricator extensions. →

  • Hey, fun break: billions of colorful particles bounce and dance on your screen in a 4K HDR video. It's relaxing and hypnotic (especially on a nice display). →

  • A young comedian and writer for VICE shares her struggles with alcohol, depression, and how follow healthy choices for herself is shaping her life. →

  • Super Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, warns against the dangers of creating addictive, free games just to generate more profits. →

  • Want to see what a programmer’s résumé from 1981 looked like? →

  • Facebook started rating the credibility of its users internally on a scale from “0” to “1”. →

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