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Linnea Gandhi is adjunct professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago Booth and founder of BehavioralSight—an advisory firm helping businesses to integrate insights and methodologies from behavioral science into their research and decision-making processes. Linnea also coaches leaders on ways to reduce error in their own everyday decisions. Her work has been published in Harvard Business Review. Prof. Gandhi has also written and spoken about topics such as noise in decision-making, nudging strategies, and experimentation in business. She aims to teach students to understand and design for the nature, causes, and implications of human decision-making patterns in real-world settings.

"We talk about money and time but, in these days, we are dealing with the currency of attention. We have very limited attention (throughout our lifetime and each day) and it seems like we've lost control to it, to different companies, governments, and each other. I really believe in taking back control of your attention. "
— Linnea Gandhi