Thoughtful, intimate profile interviews in a conversational spirit, hosted by Simone Salis. Listen to a broad range of stories and cultural topics, far from the noise of social media and the news of the day. If you want to learn more about what the show is about, why I started it, and how it's made, please read the Preface.


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The Hoomanist podcast with Simone Salis

On the Website

Each dedicated episode page features an audio player and a full transcript. You can browse the archive in chronological order or by guest name. If you are looking for a specific guest and already know their name, you can reach the page by typing the URL I.e. for the episode with David Pasquesi, you can type

Distributed by PRX - Public Radio Exchange

The Hoomanist with Simone Salis is also distributed via the Public Radio Exchange. It's newscast compatible and available to all college, community, and public radio stations.

New episodes are made available on PRX every other Thursday by 9am CT. Stations may air the program for free an unlimited number of times within 14 days of the release date. Each program is 59 minutes long, newscast compatible, and includes two 1-minute floating ID breaks.

You can find and download the available episodes for broadcast on PRX:

The show's format is based off the Special Programming Clock by NPR. It makes it much easier to implement automated distribution and on-air workflows. Each episode is available in multiple files and segments.

  1. Billboard: (00:00-00:59)
  2. Newscast: (1:00-6:00)
  3. Segment 1: (6:00-19:59) Approximately
  4. Break 1: (20:00-20:59) Approximately
  5. Segment 2: (21:00-39:59) Approximately
  6. Break 2: (40:00-40:59) Approximately
  7. Segment 3: (41:00-59:00) Approximately

The Hoomanist's Radio Broadcast Program Clock