The Show

Thoughtful profile interviews available on your favorite podcast apps and on this website, accompanied by a full transcript. Hosted and produced by Simone Salis.

The Hoomanist podcast with Simone Salis

How to Listen

You can listen to The Hoomanist on every major podcast platform, including:

Try to ask Alexa, Google, or Siri to "play The Hoomanist podcast".

A chronological collection of all the episodes is also available visiting the tag category page.

Format and Production Process

This podcast, like this website, is not designed to fit into any user's commuting schedule, or shaped after whatever the market would dictate: the length of the show comes from what I think is the best, optimal amount of time to have meaningful conversations with people. That's it. I'm interviewing other humans, not trying to make you use a promotional code to sell some mattresses or a semi-okay toothbrushes (which is fine, just not my goal). That's why, if you'd like to keep enjoying regular episodes, I need you to become a patron and support my work.

I'm not trying to get anyone's attention through implementing any dark patterns. My goal is for you to consciously stop, take some time, and mindfully listen to whatever the guest might have to share with us.

Just listen, and nothing else: I am crafting this content carefully, at the best of my abilities. This is what an average episode looks like on the editing timeline:


The number of cuts is not what matters here (although, if you are wondering, the image shows ~1100), but the hours that I put into this are. If you enjoy episodes regularly, want more, and can afford it, please consider visiting the following link to become a supporter for a few bucks.