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  • The “Bare-Bones Basic Brag”, the “One-upper”. Have fun recognizing all the different kinds of brags that you know (and, likely do yourself, if you’re like me). This is a smart, excellent, and fun list. →

  • We do not need exactly 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. →

  • The Japanese Emperor's scholar publications and life-long love for a small fish. →

  • Smart workers automating most of their corporate jobs (because that’s what most of them are by the way: simple, repetitive routines). →

  • Pursuing hobbies just because you enjoy the activity, and not to be amazing or make a business out of it. →

  • Apple denies it, the UK denies it, but this is how China used a tiny chip to infiltrate U.S. companies. →

  • A free font scientifically designed to make you remember your notes, the Sans Forgetica. →

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