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  • The iHole (original Apple flavor). Short, satirical story by brilliant writer Julian Gough, hard to find since he had to take it down. →

  • Om Malik's Long Goodbye (To Facebook). →

  • Fun break: dog flawlessly jumps through a gate. →

  • "We are entering a fourth age of technological change". CEO of Gigaom on humanity's future with AI and machine learning. I recorded a podcast episode of The Hoomanist with him. →

  • Oliver Sacks and Mark Twain liked annotating thoughts and idealistic responses about whatever they were reading. The art of marginalia. →

  • "We had better call upon our scientists, our philosophers, our lawyers, and even our poets to turn their attention to this big question: How do you regulate the ownership of data?" →

  • "[Trump] is a symptom, not the cause". Obama's speech at University of Illinois. Like in all his other ones, he never appeals to fear. →

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