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  • Learn how to ask for a favor. I'm a big fan of asking for seemingly impossible help. Learn how to do it right. Link →

  • Surrounding yourself with positive people is as important as exercising regularly or following a healthy diet. The Power of Positive People. Link →

  • Batman tries to leave DC Comics in order to get a seat at the Marvel table. Link →

  • I interviewed Kelly Leonard (Executive Director of Applied Improvisation at The Second City) about how behavioral science and improv can teach ushow to work and live better. Link →

  • Mr. Rogers had a way to deal with taboo topics, including segregation, divorce, and nuclear war (thanks, @neonavocado. Link →

  • "You do not work under the Communist Party without knowing the risks" —Prof. C. Balding leaves China after working for 9 years at the party's university. An uncanny description of the increasingly authoritarian state. Link →

  • How to really find your passion. Hint: it's not embedded in your DNA, but it can be developed. Link →

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