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  • When we eat might be as important as what we eat, according to a new research showing how eating patterns align to our circadian rhythms. Link →

  • Educate yourself efficiently: wandering on Wikipedia, Reddit, and the web is not designed for that. Here is an awesome collaborative list of the best textbooks on every subject. Link →

  • Master musician Ryuichi Sakamoto hated his favorite restaurant’s playlist so much that he composed one, writing to the chef: “Your food is as good as the beauty of Katsura Rikyu, but the music in your restaurant is like Trump Tower”. Link →

  • Do something that scares you. Jack Vidra is a porn actor and gourmet chef that jumped into the adult video entertainment industry in his 30s, after being in the military for years. Link →

  • How tech's richest people plan to save themselves after the apocalypse (they call it “The Event”, whatever it might be: virus, climate change, social unrest, etc.). Link →

  • Want to know how to win at LinkedIn: The Game? How to defeat all the bosses and get extra lives? This parody of LinkedIn as a videogame cracked me up. Link →

  • Such a simple and brilliant idea: how Chinese people are using the Ethereum blockchain to post news that can’t be censored about the current unsafe vaccines scandal in their country. Link →

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