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  • The three levels of wealth, according to Slack's founder. Link →

  • We're living in the era of the Bullshit Web. Link →

  • "Living as a black person is an act of satire, because we are forced to learn and repeat views of people that don't like us. No one can play a white person better than a black person. That's satire". A podcast interview with Ali Barthwell, co-founder of WakandaCon and Cards Against Humanity writer. Link →

  • Leonardo Da Vinci's todo list (circa 1490). No "get milk" inside. Link →

  • "It’s only the right to be wrong that makes you free". Autonomy is the right to be wrong. Link →

  • Hannah Gadsby has the best stand up show that I've seen in years: she dropped self-deprecation in favor of becoming her full self. Honesty makes her so powerful. Link →

  • Things they don't teach you about running a business yourself. Link →

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